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After a recent presentation on Understanding Muslim Beauty, I was browsing in a Bangkok bookshop and came across the book Islamic Branding and Marketing by Paul Temporal. This book would certainly have saved me some time in putting together my presentation, drawing on many of the resources I had used (sometimes too heavily perhaps).

However, this book does also offer some fresh perspectives on the topic and especially on some of the differences between predominantly Muslim countries as well as the common themes of Muslim values (for example, some of the differences between Indonesia and Malaysia that I have found in TapestryWorks’ work), based on a segmentation conducted by JWT that illustrates some the importance of society, religion and tradition across many countries.

There is a useful discussion of Islamic values, including:

  • pure
  • wholesome
  • honest
  • true
  • modest
  • considerate
  • trusted
  • responsible
  • intelligent
  • wise
  • respectful
  • peaceful
  • authentic

These are values that consistently come out in market research among Muslims and are at the heart of brands that have been successful with them.

Although Paul Temporal draws heavily on a few sources such as Pew Research Center, JWT and Ogilvy Noor, this is a useful summary for anyone interested in building brands to appeal to Muslims in Asia and beyond. The book is packed with statistics, examples and case studies, and definitely a useful resource for any future presentations.


Islamic Branding and Marketing: Creating a global Islamic business by Paul Temporal

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