Ideas for a 50th Birthday


In just six months, Doctor Disruption has already turned 50 (posts), and enjoyed a special birthday cake today! He created a wordle of recent entries which you can see above, and in a different format below.

There are many interesting threads to see, the most prominent being ideas.  So as a birthday present, here are five great places you will find at least 50 ideas (and hopefully many more)!

The TED website continues to be one of our favourites, with some great recent talks including Chris Anderson on how web video spreads ideas, Nicholas Christakis on how social networks spread ideas, and Steven Johnson on where good ideas come from.  You can see these and more at

Another favourite is Big Think, with articles, interviews and discussions across a wide variety of topics including the arts, environment, politics, science, medicine and happiness!  There are some great recent contributions by James Randi on combating false ideas, and Antonio Damasio on the idea of consciousness and self.  You can see more at

The RSA have made great efforts recently to share their vision of 20th century enlightenment, with many interesting lectures and discussions including Mary Midgeley on Darwin’s ideas of individual and social identity and Ha-Joon Chang on the idea of capitalism (and I recommend the short animations too).  You can find more at

Wired Magazine have done a great job of providing digital formats which include great additional content, and an even better job of putting together a great roster of writers for their website and blogs.  Their latest issue discusses the idea of the web, and proclaims it’s death!  You can see more at

One of the best places to find ideas made visual remains at Information Is Beautiful, with some great recent visualisations of the ideas of taxes, time travel, colour and number ones.  You can find more ideas made visual at

I hope you enjoy browsing these sites.  For more ideas, please go to  Here’s to the next 50!

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