The Colour of an Enigmatic 2018?

Prince would be proud. Pantone have just announced their colour of the year and it's purple, or rather it is Ultra violet, “... the most Continue Reading

Face-ism Ratio (Principles of Design #76)

Face-ism is the term used to describe how the ratio of face to body in an image influences the perception of the person in that Continue Reading

Personas (Design methods #47)

Personas (sometimes called pen portraits) are used in design and research to represent customer or user types through fictional characters, often based on synthesising research Continue Reading

It’s All in the Memes

Memes in Digital Culture is a short and well-written guide to the use of memes in digital culture which I read on a flight back Continue Reading

Attractiveness Bias (Principles of Design #75)

People tend to see attractive people as more intelligent, competent, mortal and sociable than less attractive people. Thus, attractive people are seen more positively, receive Continue Reading

Word Clouds (Design methods #46)

Word clouds are one of the most basic methods for visualising textual information. While sometimes overused, they provide a sometimes useful summary of the frequency Continue Reading

Building Muslim brands

After a recent presentation on Understanding Muslim Beauty, I was browsing in a Bangkok bookshop and came across the book Islamic Branding and Marketing by Continue Reading

Figure-Ground Relationship (Principles of Design #74)

Figure-ground relationship is the design principle that any element is perceived either as an object of focus (figure) or as something else (ground). This is Continue Reading

Using Sound to Build Your Brand

Audio Branding: Using sounds to build your brand is a great read for anyone interested in building stronger connections with their customers, especially if they Continue Reading