What Advertising can Learn from Brain Science

Advertising can learn much from the latest understanding Continue Reading

Design Methods #1 – Focus Groups

"Focus groups make very little sense" - Dan Ariely Focus groups are a qualitative method used by market researchers to research the opinions, feelings or Continue Reading

We Can Remember It For You

"An illusion, however convincing, is still an illusion." - Philip K. Dick (paraphrased) Watching an old movie of yourself or looking at an old picture, Continue Reading

Principles of Design #45 – Cathedral Effect

The Cathedral effect describes the influence of the perceived height of a ceiling and human thinking, and is (at least in part) a priming effect. Continue Reading

Think Big, Write Small

"Although there is no substitute for merit in writing, clarity comes closest to being one." - Strunk & White Long blog articles are going out Continue Reading

Principles of Design #44 – Law of Prägnanz

The Law of Prägnanz is the tendency for all of us to interpret ambiguous images as simple and complete rather than as complex and incomplete. Continue Reading

Colourful Language

Language and thinking I have always been fascinated by colour (and spent much of my time as a PhD student using colour to prove the Continue Reading

Principles of Design #43 – Mapping

Easy user experiences Mapping is the term used to describe the relationship between controls and their movements or effects, and good mapping is an important Continue Reading

How to Use Your Imagination

Chance favours the prepared mind The approaches that businesses use for brainstorming are widespread (almost universal) and date back to the work of Alex Osborn Continue Reading