The Funny Thing About Creativity


“He who laughs most, learns best.”  – John Cleese

John Cleese talks about the basis of creativity in our unconscious mind in this great video clip (thanks to @heartofinnovation for drawing my attention to this).  He also highlights some great tips for creating the right conditions for creativity :

1) LEARN something new every day – always be curious and open to new things

2) SLEEP on it  – give your unconscious brain time to make the connections and solve the problem

3) Avoid INTERRUPTIONS – create a flow in which you can focus purely on being creative

4) Build an OASIS – create boundaries of time and space which help you create the flow

You can view the 10 minute clip here:

John Cleese on CREATIVITY

If you really enjoy John Cleese, I am sure you’ll also enjoy hearing him talk about the brain:

John Cleese on the BRAIN

Have a laugh and leave the rest to your unconscious!


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