Using Sound to Build Your Brand

Audio Branding: Using sounds to build your brand is a great read for anyone interested in building stronger connections with their customers, especially if they have an ear for music. Full disclosure, the book includes a short piece by myself placing sound in the broader context of sensory branding and the different touch points that can reach your customers.Apart from my contribution, the range of authors and practitioners included in the book help to make it a much more valuable contribution to the (relatively small) literature on sensory branding. While the authors Laurence Minksy and Colleen Fahey provide the framework and process that guide the book, the range of case studies, experiences and widely different perspectives make for a very practical and rounded guide.

Smell and sound are the most emotionally connected of the senses, with direct physiological and emotional effects, but while our reactions to smell are often highly personal, sound is often capable of a more universal impact on customers, or in the case of music a more tribal impact. If you want to bring a touch of sound to your brand, from a ring tone or sonic logo to a musical soundscape, then this is a must-read book.

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