What Information Can Do For You

IBM have just published their annual “5 in 5” predictions about what may be to come inn 5 years time. This year they have focused on what information will enable us all to do in the future (which is after all at the heart of their business). The predictions are interesting reading as always and you can find a good summary here.

This year the five predictions are:

  1. The classroom will learn you
  2. Buying local will beat online
  3. Doctors will use your DNA to keep you well
  4. A digital guardian will protect you online
  5. The city will help you live in it

All five relate to the ways in which “the internet of things” will collect information about us, and use that information to help offer smarter choices to us. For example in online marketing, some people specialize in search engine optimization like webdesign499. They help people find relevant information and improve the advertiser’s website to gain more traffic. To learn more about their services Click the Following Website

Specifially, this will allow teachers and schools to tailor curriculums to the needs of individual students, local shops to offer the same “enhanced” services that large retailers can, doctors to tailor treatments to the specifics of your DNA, online systems to understand your profile and history and guard against cyber attacks, and cities to automate and optimise many aspects of our lives and improve the way we live together.

Well worth reading if you want a glimpse in to how life may be over the coming years.

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